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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  July 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. and today is tuesday, july 1st, 2014. good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erica von tiehl. stories we're following today. >> hey, finds a pool, get to the beach, or get the air pumping, or find a fan. it will be a scorcher, justin drabick in for kate think morning, he has the details coming up. >> the new fiscal year begins today for pennsylvania, but there is still no budget agreement. so, what is the holdup? >> and it is win or go home time for the us at the world cup. we have a preview of today's game, ahead, that's at 4:00 p.m. today. you want to be inside with the ac cranking up if you are watching that game. >> no doubt about that, no doubt about that. >> more on the forecast, justin? >> good advice, staying inside today, july 1st, calendar says
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it is summer, weather certainly will feel like summer right on target for this time of year. 73 degrees already waking up in philadelphia, humidity is there, you can feel it. that's just going to increase the day, into your wednesday, 67 in mount pocono, so very warm start to our morning, check out the suburbs, you guys in quakertown, little lucky there at 66. but, don't get used to, that you will quickly climb up into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees today, as we go back above the average for the high temperatures. part of the reason is the winds, notice the directions, arrows pointing upward, means some winds brinking in warm, humid air mass from the south, humidity, moisture in the air, makes it feel hotter. good news right now, we're quiet on storm scan3, just few clouds passing by, no threat of any rain in the meantime, but later on this afternoon we could have the typical pop up isolated shower or thunderstorm, so we will talk better headlines for today, next few days, we are tracking tropical depression could impact the fourth of july forecast, we'll talk about
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that in a little bit. but for today, break down the temperatures, by 9:00 upper 70s, partly sunny, mid 80s at lunchtime, a lot of humidity around, it will be hot this afternoon, humid, highs in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. and again, around the region we go, upper 80s to near 90 for philadelphia, low 80s at the shore, and the polling poconos, seven day forecast coming up in a few more minutes, we will talk about that fourth of july forecast coming up. first a check on the traffic with bob. >> good morning, everybody, 4:32, live look, early accident here along i-95. it is i-95 southbound, between airport and i291, for bartrum avenue. so anyone headed down toward the airport, looks like the crash is on both the left and right side of the roadway, as you head south on 95, down toward, again, the airport and delaware county, live look at the benny here, little wind coming across blowing old glory at the toll plaza, but no problems at all headed in toward philadelphia. there is still only three lanes right now head in the
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toward philly. otherwise, pretty good shape on the majors, no problems up and down the blue route, schuylkill expressway looking good, over night crews packed up and gone, 95 ready to go for morning rush hour. just remember you have the new traffic pattern between betsy and center city. this is left over from yesterday, a water main break, along chestnut street between 38th and route three. so, watch for delays during the morning rush hour there, and especially during the midday, otherwise, mass transit looking good. erika, back to you. >> thank you, developing right now, pennsylvania begins its new fiscal year without assigned budget. >> governor tom corbett says he will not okay the $29.1 billion spending plan until lawmakers come up with plan to reduce future pension costs, legislature returns to work this morning, last night the philadelphia school reform commission approved budget without knowing how much money the state will give it. the district's $2.5 billion budget includes a $93 million
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place hold. >> there is a $96 million gang we've facing, and it is extremely enforce that that gap be filled, so that we can provide the children of the city the resources they need. >> doctor hite also says without those fun, the district might have to layoff hundreds of teachers. >> a teen just going tore swim his friends does not make it out alive. it happened in the talcony creek near fisher lane told 15 year old was under the bridge where the water is up to 10 feet deep. emergency responders found ran pulled him out hoping to save his life. >> he was completely unconscious. he was put in the back of a rescue squad, met innings work on him, they work on him for a long time, but tragically he
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was pronounced dead. >> police add that teen could not swim. all know there are signs that they are warning for people to stay out of the creek it, remains a popular place for people to cool off. >> ocean city coast guard suspends send of are. for teen who went swimming over the weekends. fourteen year old boy got caught in a rip current sunday night, the ninth street jet i. lifeguards were not on duty when he disappeared. police have not released his name. but we are told he is from philadelphia. suspect in the cruel and brutal beating after mother caught on camera is behind bars this morning. "eyewitness news" in salem as latia harris turns herself into police. harris is the with a woman seen in this cell phone video attack ago woman in front of her two year old son. police charge her with ago salted assault and making terroristic threats. >> police asking for had your help tracking down the man seen here, caught on surveillance cameras breaking into the lots apartment on south street. police say that he got away
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with cash and jewelry, and he stole it from several apartments. investigators don't have much else to go on. if you recognize this man, in the video, you are asked to call police immediately. preliminary hearing today in the kates of baronial ex and err, the son of convicted kermit goznel. alexander faces several charges including burglary, theft, assault. >> police say he broke into a home in mantua. he is currently being held on $125,000 bail. well, there is reaction this morning to the supreme court's landmark ruling that allows corporations to opt out of providing contraceptives. >> the high court ruled certain for-profit companies cannot be forced to provide contraception coverage to employees in their healthcare plans there is case brought by the owners of the hobby lobby and lancaster based connestoga woods specialists, the affordable care act required them to provide coverage for birth control.
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the plaintiffs argued that would violate their religious beliefs. >> we are truly thankful for the decision that allowed us to continue operating our family business according to our prince. >> decisions about what casino of birth control to use, or a woman's decision, sometimes in consultation with her fast ition they are certainly not her boss' decision. >> the contraceptives at issue are the morning after pill and the iud's, white house says the court's decision creates health risks for women and that congress should takings to make sure they do get coverage. the supreme court has also ruled that public unions cannot be forced to pay deuce for unions representing them. the justices said requiring non-union workers to pay fees violates the first amendment rights of those who don't agree with union positions but still benefit from collective bargaining. so what do you think about these various supreme court rulings? join the conversation. look for cbs philly on facebook and twitter. president obama sending
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more troops to iraq as the crisis in that country continues to escalate. yesterday, ordered deployment of military personnel to protect the the us embassy in baghdad. last night reports of large battle just northeast of the capitol city during which iraqi security forces were able to seize control of a crucial highway. outrage in the middle east and here at home after three missing israeli teens who disappeared earlier month were found dead, one had dual citizenship in israel and us. benjamin netanyahu said quote hamas is responsible and hamas will pay. more bad news from general motors. the automakers were calling another 8 million vehicles, because after faulty ignition switch. the company also announced its compensation program for the victims of this same problem. the ignition problem has been linked to at least dozen deaths. this latest gm recall involves compact and mid-size cars from model years 1997 to 2014.
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well, after two months in rehab, toronto mayor rob ford back on the job this morning. >> he took leave of absence on april 30th, to seek help for his alcohol and drug problem. yesterday he addressed his constituents and apologized for his problems in the past. >> i'm shamed, embarrased, and humiliated. i can proudly say today that i have gun the process of taking control of my life. >> ford's return was not without some controversy. he bands some members of the media from the press conference, and refused to take questions. 4:39 right there. and there is so much more to cover here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the day soccer fans have been waiting for, belgium will preview the us match up on the other side. back in a kim of minutes.
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>> cost of first offense for is $200, second offense will cost you $400, and if you are caught a third time, not only fork over $600 for texting and driving, but face having your license suspended for 90 days. >> drivers may use hands-free devices, but it is discouraged. well, a trucker turns the tables on an illinois state trooper, and it is caught on camera. >> the trucker thought the officer was both speeding and talking on cell phone, so flagged him down. the driver posted what you are about to see on youtube. >> so you honked at me because you believe i was speeding? >> because you were driving recklessly, and speeding now, wet roads, and were you on your cell phone. >> now, here the officer eventually threatened to give the truck area ticket for unlawful use after horn, that's when the officer realizes he's being recorded and he decides not to write the ticket. how about that?
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>> and take a look at this there is happened in cedar rapids, iowa. severe thunderstorm blew through the area, with 80-mile per hour winds, blew that tarp across the field. several injuries were reported to the grounds crew members, and members of the team's front office, they tried to put the tarp on the field. the injuries included a few concussions and one separated shoulder. powerful winds out there. >> it will be one of those humid days, bad hey dare for the latest out there. >> you got it down! you know the drill. >> appreciate it. >> but yes, typical summertime stuff today, hot, humid, waking up temperatures low 70s, 73 right now at the airport, 67 in mount pocono, very humid already, and that's just going to increase throughout the day today. so, here's what's happening as
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far as the comfort index, dew point temperature that measures moisture content, 65 degrees, oppressive feel today. it will continue once again wednesday. so, best bet, be indoors probably in the air-conditioning, dry on storm scan3, just few cloth rolling on through, few line of showers, storms, well to the west over the ohio valley, because of all of the humidity around, can't rule out isolated storm, keep an eye on tropics, depression one of the season, dripping south west, moisture could get here foreign dependence day. show you what's happening hot, humid, best shot for scattered showers, storms, then the front will start to pick up some of the moisture from whatever the tropical system in, start to see improving
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conditions for friday night. now, today, isolate the dollars storm possible, otherwise partly sunny, tomorrow better chance for scattered showers, storms, for today, it is hot, humid, chance for that storm, high near 90 degrees, tonight, drop it down about 73, still very warm, humid, independence day forecast, 84, with showers and storms, and again the extended forecast, hot, humid the next several days, cool it back down to the 80s for the weekend. we send it back to you guys. >> thank you, jdn sports team usa faces belgium today in the knock out rounds of the world cup. the us team will have an extra player for this afternoon's big game, forward has been cleared to play after missing the last two games, with that hamstring injury. now, belgium is tough. they won all three of their games so far. the us is one-one and one, in the tournament. team usa coach clinics-mans is confident. >> we new that you are going to face these type of teams, and i think so far gone a good
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job. we're not satisfied with getting to the round of 16, we want to do more, you know, difficult challenge playing against belgium. they have a loft quality players at the same tie we played to the best of our ability. >> flyers and sixers will be keeping their eyes on the free agency market, beginning today, free agency signings can start today for the nhl and the nba today begins teams can negotiate with free agents, they just can't sign them until july 8th. phillies play the marlins, phils lost four games in a row, phils could stand little time away from citizens bank park, they're 18 and 27 at home this season. they've also lost eight of their last ten and season low ten games under 500. lane johnson tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, will miss the first four games of the season. will be tough to replace, played in every game last
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season after being picked in the first rounds. still waiting for the eagles to confirm, that but that's not good. still ahead, we head to wall street for preview of the market with jill wagner. >> first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> philadelphia school reform commission approved its $2.5 billion budget. with a $92 million place holler. the src has to wait until pennsylvania lawmakers approve their 29-dollar budget, or $29 billion budget to see how much funding the state will provide. governor tom corbett says he won't sign the state budget without a plan to reduce state employees pensions. expect temperatures in the 90s today, around the region, and couple of unsettled days coming up. the weather adversely affect
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your holiday plans, friday is the fourth of july. >> team usa continues its world cup tournament today. plays belgium with game time at 4:00 this after innocent, beginning with this round in case you are not familiar. if you are in you win, if you lose you go home. hopefully 4:00 p.m., bring home a w. >> a w. just like that. time is 4:50, let's get a check on business. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, important news for students specially high school seniors, some interest rates on loans will go up. how much? >> that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. college just got a little more expensive for students. interest rates go up today undergraduate stafford loans jump almost a point to 4.66%. graduate loans now just over 6%. and loans taken out by parents rise to 7.21%. unfortunately, experts say, the rates could go up again next year. ukee, erika? >> jill, forks is out with its
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celebrity 100 list which writes the most powerful celebrities. who is in the penthouse? tell us about it. >> well, who other than beyonce, right? she is number one on forbes 15th annual celebrity 100 list, ranks the world's most powerful celebrities, based on earnings, and also, fame. now, forbes estimates that beyonce made about $115 million over the past 12 months, rounding out the top three, nba star labron james, he came in second, and rapper and entrepreneur, doctor dray certainly helped by that, beats electronics deals. ukee, erika? >> beyonce, bron bron and doctor dray, got it. thanks, jill, appreciate t coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together, we do it on the 3's, we'll be
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>> we begin with a accident at
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i-95, will slow down anyone headed toward the airport this morning, i-95 southbound, right between the airport and 291. so, if you are headed south this morning, just be aware, police out there, looks like it is blocking two lanes on the right, one on the left as you roll south down 95 this morning. >> in the tunnels, right near 30th street, over night construction, just pick up the cones, and we are gone. got water main break for up, but good news, chestnut street has been reopened between 38th and 36th streets, been closed since last evening during the evening rush hour. then on the overnight they made repairs. also, downed pole, wires, here in bellmawr, new jersey, kings highway blocked on the eastbound side at lincoln avenue. so, nicholson road will be the best bet this morning. otherwise, mass transit looking good. justin, looks like we're in for another hot hot day today. >> that's right, bob, it is july 1st, kind of what you can expect, hot, humidity, a lot of humidity around, so will feel warmer than the actual air temperature. check it out, 73 degrees the
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airport, low seven's in south jersey, upper 60s mount pocono. not too bad yet. once you get the sun up it will do its job, things really heat up. looking dry currently on storm scan3, line of showers, storms, out across the ohio valleyment most of the storms should remain to our west, but still because it is so humid, i can't rule out an afternoon isolated shower, thunderstorm. if you have beach plans today, not bad day. partly sunny skies, should stay dry at the jersey shore, delaware beaches, high temperature 82 degrees. ocean water dropped little bit. stronger south winds, causes cold water up welling, a loft sunshine, be sure have the sun block around. forecast high up around 90 degrees, hot, humid, tonight muggy, shower or storm possible with a low of 73, and here's the extended forecast, better chance for showers, storms, wednesday and thursday, highs in the low 90s wednesday, but even for the fourth of july could see some showers around, at least the first half of the day. looking drier for the weekend, we send it back over to you. >> thank you so much. our time now 4:55.
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let's get a check of headlines on news radio this morning, for 1060. report in the journal of pediatrics says there is no link between vaccines and autism despite what many have suggested. starting today, new jersey drivers are going to have to pay a lot more if they get caught texting or talking while driving, and the philadelphia parking authority may have promised to add additional scooter and motorcycle parking but it hasn't happened yesterday. check in it, three, four times a day. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", weaver wild new video interest stormy weather in the midwest. >> also, check out the charred desk after bucks county woman survives getting burned when her laptop explodes. after the big scar at home. >> big changes coming for philly fans. why you may want to leave a few extra minute to get to the ballpark. back at the top of the hour.
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>> we are waking to up temperatures already in the 70s it, lab hot and humid day. so when is the relief coming? >> and as those temperatures soar, a lot of people will be trying to beat the heat in area creeks and rivers, that's already caused one tragedy this summer as teen drowns. >> developing right now, budget battle in harrisburg. >> meet the overnight deadline but the governor refuses to sign it, find out why he is holding it up. what that means for the cash strapped philadelphia schools. , it is the first day of july, tuesday, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. dog days of summer, july 1st. >> i got it, here we go,
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justin drabick on the skydeck for you, jd, good morning. >> good morning, guys, that's right, typical summer like stuff here across the delaware valley, hot, humid, the next few days, sun comes up in about a half hour. it already is pretty warm outside. you can feel the mugginess in the air. temperatures, already low 70s many spots. seventy-three in philadelphia, 73 atlantic city, mount pocono still upper 60s right now, suburbs beginning to warm up, 71 pottstown and willow grove. very muggy, humidity will be continue to be on the rise, reason the wind, out of the south, pretty calm right now at five to 10 miles per hour, but it will increase through the afternoon, that just pumps in the moisture and hot air from the south. just some fair weather clouds passing by right now, storm scan3, we are dry, so no threat of rain this morning, for your morning ride n later this afternoon, could be isolated shower or thunderstorm. so, this is what's happening over the next few days, hot and humid, typical july


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